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You know DIET & meal planning plays a bit part in your life: your health, your mood, your energy, & even your happiness.

If you’re nodding along like “yeah, I know, my diet needs a serious change!” you are in the right place.

Because if you've been suffering from poor health and struggling in life, you’d know.

You’d be dealing with any of these bothersome symptoms

Let's get down to it

because here is the fact

Disease is any failure of normal physiological function that leads to negative symptoms.

Your body systems work together to maintain balance. While disease is often a result of infection or injury, most diseases involve the disruption of normal homeostasis.  If that beautiful balance is shifted or disrupted and homeostasis cannot be maintained, the results may not allow for normal body function.  Negative symptoms begin to present and if not addressed a disease or disorder may result.

One of the main causes of homeostasis imbalances is YOUR Lifestyle.  We are talking about Nutrition, Physical Activity & Mental Health.

YUP!! It’s time to make some much-needed changes. Let’s start cleaning up your lifestyle & elevate your meal planning.

that's why you are here

a simple, natural, no-nonsense holistic approach

Because let’s face it, you’ve tried everything: the popular diets, endless supplements, juices & cleanses; joining the gym; reading books, and watching endless YouTube videos BUT YOU ARE STILL dealing with the same chronic problems.

Trust me, I get it, because I was you.  I have been there.  The struggle is real… no matter how hard you work at it, you are just not seeing results.

As a professional who went through it all, I teach the solution to rebalance homeostasis for better health vitality & longevity.  My simple, natural, no nonsense approach includes changing the biggest influencer of our body’s function, our NUTRITION.

Meet Nicole

I'm Nicole Camba, founder of Simply Nutritious and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

My specialty?  Become younger at any age; match our health-span with our life-span.  I help women get their health,  body & life back into better balance to live a youthful, happy, and healthy life for many years to come.

I know how frustrating it can be to find the RIGHT solution to support our own individual health challenges.  I’ve been there.  I have seen firsthand the weight creep on with age despite exercising, feeling tired and overwhelmed with life, struggling to manage my moods, and feeling anxious, unaspirated, and unmotivated.  As I started to age my metabolism was slowing way down, my skin was aging, my hair was falling out and my hormones were all over the place leading to bad peri-menopause symptoms.  I was a hot mess.

But…  I recovered.

At 43, I’m healthier than I have ever been.   I’m here to help you feel the same youthful vitality so you too can be truly healthy, happy, and vibrant from the inside out.

The Simply Nutritious approach combines the 3 essential factors to help your body rebalance

By removing negative health influences and providing adequate positive health influences, your body is better able to self-regulate and self-repair


Nutritious foods fuel our bodies with the nutrients it needs to prevent nearly EVERY disease and dysfunction.  Yes, the foods you eat impacts your health & happiness.  Our bodies have the amazing capability to self-regulate & self-repair when given the correct dietary & supplement support.


Levels of rest and physical activity both influence homeostasis.  Physical activity is essential for proper functioning of our cells and bodies. Inadequate sleep is related to a number of health problems.  Changing your lifestyle should be doable, sensible & achievable.

Mental Well-Being

Your physical and mental health are inseparable. Our emotions cause chemical changes in our bodies that have various effects on our thoughts and feelings. With careful management or removal of negative stress (also called distress) it can have a positive affect to our health.

the benefits of getting your food & life in check.

you become the fittest, healthiest & happiest you

The Change You Want Is Possible

Take Charge of Your health

No matter where you’re starting.
No matter how you’re feeling right now.
And no matter how much stuff is on your plate.

Your Time Is Now

End the struggle and finally commit to YOURSELF.

Welcome To Simply Nutritious

The program, community, & support you NEED to rebalance, self-regulate, and self-repair to live a healthy vibrant life

meal planning

Reclaim Your Health

What people are saying about Simply Nutritious Meal Planning.

  • I’m loving the meal plans! It’s making my life sooo much easier! Quick and easy AND I’m down 5 pounds. Finally, something that’s working!!!! – Astrida in Pefferlaw

  • This is the perfect Meal Planning Membership. I know I am feeding my family “nutritionist-approved” healthy meals and the meal planning fits perfectly with our busy schedule. We all look forward to the delicious recipes. No stress, just simple. – Samantha C. Richmond Hill, ON

  • I can’t get over how easy it is to follow the meal plan.  AND bonus, it was personalized to me, even food preferences were considered.  I’m thrilled to say that just by following the easy meal plan, I’m already down 10 lbs.  Highly recommended to anyone who wants to simplify their eating.  Jennifer M. Newmarket, ON

  • With my crazy schedule, I needed a simple healthy eating plan. This membership is straight-up easy, inexpensive, recipes are delicious & the nutritional guidance is unmatched. I’m feeling great! Mark K. Toronto, ON

Simply Nutritious is a

simple, natural, no nonsense approach

This health-supporting, life-changing membership program provides its members with personalized meal planning so you get the nutrients YOUR body needs to reclaim their health to match your healthspan with your lifespan.  Simply Nutritious includes my special protocols, resources, access to other professionals, movement plus a growing community and ongoing group support.

Our mission is to show you that you CAN reclaim your health and change everything about your life by simply nourishing your body with nutrients, mental well-being, and activity.

What You Get In Simply Nutritious

Phase 1 The Pre-Launch

Become a Founding Member and lock-in our lowest price. You will never see your payment increase, even when we reach phase 4. That is over 50% savings as a Founding Member.

Personalized Meal Planning

YES, the meal planning is SPECIFIC TO YOU to match your nutrient needs and preferences.  

  1. Each week, Simply Nutritious completely personalizes a NEW meal plan that’s based on your family size, dietary needs & restrictions, and preferred schedule.  You receive your plan, recipes & shopping list.
  2. Every month your progress is reviewed to ensure your meal plan matches your current needs.  No more eating from an outdated plan.
  3. Need to or ready follow a specialized dietary lifestyle? Manage Macros, Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Vegetarian & more!  Simply Nutritious is all about personalized meal planning.
meal planning

$497 Monthly Value

Customizable Plans

Need even more personalized meal planning?  Once you have your plan you can tweak any recipe to just your liking, whether you want to add or remove ingredients or mess with proportions.  Have a family favorite dish you want to throw into the mix.  Easily done with your own recipe box.

We also make it easy to shuffle things around, swap recipes in and about, and generally dial-in your plan to keep up with the chaos of everyday life.  WHY WE LOVE THIS – Our meal plans will help you plan faster, shop more easily, and deal with real-life eating.

meal planning

$97 Monthly Value

All the Delicious Recipes

Access over 1000 recipes.  All of the recipes are kitchen-tested, and family-approved by picky eaters and people with a wide range of dietary restrictions. I’m a foodie too, so you’ll find the recipes simply nutritious & delicious.

$97 Value

Supplements & Superfoods

No more guessing, “do I need to take this?”  Get clear on the supplements that will support your health.  Your membership will include both foundational & unique condition supplement protocols.

Plus the superfoods to get extra vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to launch your health eat full speed. Learn my favorites and why I recommend them to keep reversing the clock for health & vitality.

Members get instant shopping access with MEMBER ONLY DISCOUNTS to ALL products.  Save on trusted professional brands that yield RESULTS.

$297 Value

Phase 2 - Coming Soon

Professional Resource Library

You’ll have access to the best recommendations and easily match them up with your current health needs.  Managing blood sugar imbalances, utilize the Blood Sugar Mastery.  Are hormones out of balance, access the Thyroid Recovery or Adrenal Reset plans.  Your meal plan will be matched too.  Where your health needs some focus, you’ll find the right resource for you.

$1600 and up

Phase 3 - In The Works

Group Coaching Calls and Live Q & As

I will be talking about health, longevity, and how to get our body’s back into a better state of balance.  Each month we’ll work on new objectives, learn new strategies and get clear on how to work towards better homeostasis, health & longevity with nutrition, activity, and mental well-being.

$587 Monthy Value

Online Community

Working together in a community promotes healthy living, helps prevent chronic diseases, and brings the greatest health benefits to the greatest number of people in need.  We come together to cheer one another on.  Mear acquaintances will soon become best friends.  Accountability keeps you on track, and our growing community will be cheering you on every step of the way.

meal planning

... priceless

Phase 4 - Looking Ahead


In phase 4 we’ll be bringing in a movement element to help increase physical activity, strength & mobility.  Both recorded & live classes.  This is exciting stuff!!

$197 Monthly Value

Guest Speakers

Bringing in masters of their holistic profession, the learning & support will be limitless.  We’ll bring it all together to support your body in every way.

$197 Value

Invest in yourself

the Simply Nutritious Program is Valued at over $3000

meal planning

Welcome to the Pre-Launch - Become A Founding Member!

Just $47

ONLY 20 Founding Member Seats Available
Regular price $97

founding member price (lowest price available) and never see your payment increase, even when we reach phase 4, over 50% savings.

Time to Take Charge of Your Health... and LIFE.

When The Doors Open

ONLY 20 Founding Member Seats Available

I Know What You Might Be Thinking...

I've tried everything and nothing has worked?  How do I know this will?

Trust me, I get it because I was you.  I have been there.  The struggle is real and nearly every member comes in feeling the exact same way.

They tried everything: the popular diets, endless supplements, juices & cleanses; joining the gym; reading books, and watching endless YouTube videos, and even talked to their doctors… YET despite their efforts, they STILL deal with the same chronic problems leaving them frustrated & disappointed.

How Simply Nutritious is Different!

It's Personalized

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal.  It’s customized to YOU. When you join, you’ll get your own protocol with personalized meal planning, revised with new and amazing recipes weekly, and reviewed every month based on YOUR health & dietary NEEDS at the time. This program is designed around helping YOU.

What you put in is what you get out

Simply Nutritious is not a magic pill and it is not about instant results.  It’s about sustainable and lasting health changes. Our simple, natural, no-nonsense holistic approach is based on food science and biology.  With that said, you have to do the work in order to see results.

Work it For Three Months

All I ask is that you commit and give it your all for 3 months to allow this program to work FOR YOU.  I’m confident this program will create those shifts in your health that you have been looking for.  If you do the work and don’t see results, you can cancel your membership ANYTIME after the first three months, no questions asked. After the first three months, your investment is only $47/month. (Founding Member Forever Price)

Answering Your Questions

When you become a Simply Nutritious you are committing to the first three months.  Because the program is a membership, you will be billed monthly after the first 3 months.  You are free to cancel at any time after the first three months.

Your initial registration includes 3 months because it takes time and consistency to see improvements in your health.  I personally recommend committing for at least 6 months. With that being said, our Simply Nutritious members are staying long term to continue to support their healthy lifestyle.

Your fee includes all the Simply Nutritious tools and resources.  The only additional expense would be the optional supplements, superfoods, and health products IF you choose to purchase.   But as a member, you receive huge member-only discounts. YEA BABY!!

This program is fully online, accessible anywhere and on any device.  Soon after purchase, you’ll get your first emails to access your account & materials and start personalizing your profile to your specific needs?

You can cancel anytime after the first three months.  Due to the digital nature of this program & resources, we do not provide refunds at any time.  After your first three months, as long as you cancel your membership before your next billing date, you will not be charged.  Upon canceling, all program access is immediately removed.  IMPORTANT: If you choose to cancel your membership and come back at another time, your fee will increase to $97/month.

The program is geared to any adult, young or not so young who is committed to their health.  With that being said, most of our members are women but all those that want better health and are willing to put in the work are welcome to join.

All starting member profiles will be reviewed individually by me to ensure your meal plan and program meets your needs & goals.  We are all looking forward to phase 3 for the group coaching calls and Q&As.  These sessions will give you the opportunity to get really clear in your individual health journey.  If you decide however you need more one-on-one support, there is a private coaching add-on you can opt-in for at any time during your membership.

Once Simply Nutritious reaches phase 4, the cost of the program will be $97/month.  However, because you are joining as a Founding Member the cost for you will stay at $47/month.  The best part, your founding membership continues at that locked-in price, with savings over 50%, until you cancel.  IMPORTANT: If you choose to cancel your membership and come back at another time, your fee will increase to $97/month.

meal planning

Time to Take Charge of Your Health... and LIFE.

Become A Founding Member!

Just $47

ONLY 20 Founding Member Seats Available
Regular price $97

founding member price (lowest price available) and never see your payment increase, even when we reach phase 4, over 50% savings.